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6 years ago Then the dolphins rocked up in the surf chasing the salmon! It didn’t end there, a minute or so later, a pod of dolphins surfed the waves towards the salmon and they caused the sharks to head off. The ashtray, for instance, is retrieved by Diane’s ex-roommate (likely a lover she met on the rebound from Camilla), but there it is again, a moment later, indicating we have moved backward in time. True to form we were lucky enough for Mark to take us flying again, this time it was in a friends plane. If you like photographing people, but you don’t have many friends who like to model for you, don’t forget you can always photograph yourself, says Mr Galai. They also, at best, will reduce reflections at the expense of overall image quality, just like TVs that came with matte screens originally. Thee Image was Miami’s biggest and best known psychedelic rock club, even though it was only open for about 13 months. NOTE: 405 Freeway is open in both directions. We hadn’t met Tav before but he was so funny. Tav had smoked fish with his Dad when he was a kid, but hadn’t done it since and wasn’t sure how to.

It wasn’t a case of just brushing it off, I had to pinch it and pull it off.. We also got some blinds put on the front that are see-through, so we can pull them down if the wind is still chilly. We could see how much he wanted to go out on a boat fishing, so Maz took him and Paul out, despite the windy weather, (Me, Sue and Jen were sensible and stayed home and relaxed) They used the various islands and bays to shelter from the wind and were out for the whole day. Well it was money well spent as we are out there so much more. Lots of people have asked us if we would have done anything differently with the house build now we have been in for a couple of years and the only thing we had found, was the front deck was often to windy to go out there, So in November last year we got Chad back and got some sides put on, with big windows so you still feel like you are out side. We did LOTS of wine tasting and Paul and Maz went running each morning.

We have done it lots of times before but this time, the display the marine life gave us was incredible. The other buttons have a satisfying gentle click when pushed and are easy to use right on the front. Click on either link. Now she barnstorms her way through the part again in a hybrid film/theatre version streamed from the stage of the Curve Theatre in Leicester. Hello, its now Maz writing as Tina is getting ready to head off for a photography weekend workshop. After Christmas it was all about getting ready for our nexts guests, Maz ordered t-shirts with the ‘Davegrove South Australia Adventure Tours’ logo, we went for polo shirts this time around. The rain stayed for the whole day, so when we got home we stayed snuggled indoors and around mid afternoon, started on the oysters in every way I knew to prepare them, Asian, Thai, spilsby, cooked, and raw and they went down a storm, the mood was perfect for a mini party and the shots of black zambuka and and bailey’s came out early, as did the 80’s music Paul, Sue and Tina used to dance to together, at the clubs in their army days.

This was just an added bonus as it was more to show Paul and Sue where the oysters come from. It was lovely that they took the time out on their trip to come and see us. It was really lovely for me to get to know Paul and Sue properly. So what did we get up to with Paul and Sue? February and our time off arrived nice and quickly, and as usual when we have visitors, we drove to Adelaide to pick Paul and Sue up from the airport. We left Adelaide and stayed in the Clare Vally for a couple of nights in our usual cottage, ’Sweet Briar in the Vines’ Maz took this photo with the drone. We took the top off of Tina’s Jeep and Sue drove that with Tina and Paul drove the Hilux with me as co-pilot. Its took a fair while to heal up. While doing stuff around the block I was moving some piping and as I picked it up, I stupidly didn’t have gloves on, I got stung on the left thumb large ant that they call ‘Inch’ ants here.

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