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A shallow depth of field means that only a small portion of your image will be in sharp focus while the rest appears blurred. It is never in the near field like a streetlight might be. As any different zoning that might have been discussed has never been in effect; it is not “down zoning” anything. Blackman was the head of the Planning & Zoning that voted against Sunset. Also, I want to mention that Phil Spinelli originally voted with the residents of Lake Osborne Heights when the issue came before P&Z years back. Our entire system, based on free and fair elections, will be better for it–but more than likely you will see these little nuts back in Lake Worth later this year. For more YLighting ideas, see our Outdoor Lighting Ideas. The only destiny we will have here is sprawl–100,000 more housing units of it. Also, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has set aside $5.5 billion in grants. Obama owes them, I guess, as Acorn and similar groups that are off the wall will be eligible for $3 billion in federal funding from Obama’s stimulus.

Will he also be hiring Greater Bay’s attorney? You will want to take pictures, though. I also want to mention that our Mayor, Jeff Clemens, has said publicly that this Sunset project does not belong in that neighborhood. It is nice to be loyal to your friends but it is not nice to be disloyal to your entire neighborhood. Now he does have a friend who lives in that neighborhood who goes along with anything Mr. Blackman professes. Who is playing the race card now? The present Commission, on proper reflection, has approved appropriate zoning based on the premise of preserving single family neighborhoods, something that Commissioner Lowe now agrees. The owners never had the zoning. Planning & Zoning is not God here in Lake Worth although at times you would not know it. But the question is, how can Paul Boyer “nail Lake Worth?” For what? Hopefully the Lake Worth Herald will now understand the facts of the matter but then again, probably not. Bertha Lewis, the president of ACORN, keeps shouting stuff like racial profiling and telling everyone who will listen that it is some horrible conspiracy out to get her group–that it’s all a big lie.

President Obama’s campaign gave $800,000 to ACORN to help with voter registration that turned out to be highly questionable even with dead people on the lists. It holds the power to revive people who are long gone, allowing us to watch them repeat the same actions and say the same words, like ghosts locked in an endless cycle. They train their people to call everyone who disagrees with them, “racist.” ACORN likes to tell the media, that we are all racist scum who are in some sort of a conspiracy to block the vote of the minority. It is reported that ACORN’s members have gone ecstatically wild over Obama’s nomination of Sotomayor, a minority in their eyes, to the Supreme Court. With over 300,000 houses sitting empty in our State, our selected officials need to get a grip. While you can order a variety of outdoor projector screens, including large inflatables and lightweight metal frames (the latter of which you’ll need to add weight to in order to keep it from blowing over), this is where you can really save money by using a plain white sheet. Once a neglected location, Navi Mumbai is now providing a close run for money to its higher profile double, Mumbai.

Right now there are some State Legislatures who want to abolish the DCA, our only watchdog on development within the State of Florida. The City is now going forward to repeal the two Ordinances involved with this property. It continues to allow the owner of the Gulfstream Hotel to hold up, indefinitely, the opening of the hotel which could have been opened nearly four years ago, the day the property changed hands. In addition, Coleman and Pencavel also find that work hours declined for young and older men (especially black men), but changed little for white men in their prime working years. He’s the guy who wanted to get his hands on our beach several years back. Bring a blanket and a picnic basket with you and you two can spend an afternoon here and get your sunbathing on. It has been allowed to get away with unbelievable variances and waivers and even demolishing historic properties. ACORN will be one group that will be allowed to be involved in the 2010 census taking. It is a group to be reckoned with. Hopefully, ACORN, the leftist group, will disappear into the sunset of history and be forgotten as just another radical, left-wing group that was eventually stopped by the law.

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