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Once the wake time comes around, the user has a choice of two nature sounds or FM radio. If you’d like a smart power strip for less, our favorite choice is the Teckin Smart Power Strip. The fully dimmable light can be used as a night light, making this compact model a good choice for young children as well as adults. Both manual and automatic channel scanning are supported, and up to 40 of your favourite radio channels can be added to your own playlist. It also includes 6 sounds to make sure you are awake and ready to get out of bed when required. If you’re getting several Sengled devices, you might want to consider purchasing the Sengled hub (or one of the best smart home hubs.) The Sengled app works with Alexa and Google Assistant, and offers all the basic smart-bulb features, including timers, scenes, schedules and routines, but is less sophisticated than what you get with Philips.

waves crashing through shore This lightweight wake-up light offers a very modern and unusual design. This offers a snooze mode which will stop for 9 minutes before it begins to gently play again. However, unlike other models we have seen, it doesn’t offer a sunset mode to help you wind down for sleep. However, some light alarm clock reviews said that the sunset mode was accompanied by an irritating humming noise. Whether there is other data than just the intermittent carrier, is lost to noise. In addition to those three, there are often pop-up outdoor movies throughout the Charlotte region. These sounds are a mixture of nature sounds, instruments and if you’d rather keep things simple, a standard beep. The round face is very slim and looks like a disk with a small stand behind it to keep it upright. Surrounding this is the lamp itself, which looks like a wide ring of light around the edge. The Sunset Projection Lamp is suitable for 5V 10W power supply, equipped with a 47 inch/1.2m long USB cable with switch.The sunset lamp projector is very convenient to move, you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere brought by the sunset light anywhere. If you find that you struggle to wind down after a long day, it features a useful sunset simulation to help coax your body into preparing for sleep.

White Dinner Setting Similarly, for a good night’s sleep, there is also a wind-down sunset setting to help you to relax and prepare your mind and body for sleep. Just like the waking function but in reverse, the sunset mode gradually decreases the lighting and sound level to darkness and silence, thus stimulating the user to fall into a naturally restful sleep. Simply set the time you need to get out of bed, and by this time the light will have reached its maximum level, naturally waking you. There are five different nature sounds to choose from, but if birds chirping isn’t your thing, you can set the FM radio to come on instead. The snooze function gives a further five minutes of rest after the alarm has sounded. Should you not feel ready to rise from the comfort of your bed yet, you can tap on the body of the light anywhere to activate a 9-minute snooze mode. There is also an audible alert that can be easily silenced with a tap-control snooze.

On the other hand, if you are particularly sensitive to light, the brightness of the digital display clock can be reduced, but cannot be turned off altogether. Resembling the appearance of the Philips HF3505/01, the FITFORT Sunrise/Sunset Simulation bedside lamp has a large, flat face, with a circular time display and control panel in the centre. Unlike other models we have seen, it doesn’t appear that the display brightness can be adjusted; but if necessary, it can be switched off altogether. Just like other models we have seen, this aims to slowly raise you from your slumber by progressively increasing the light level in the room over 30 minutes. The Philips HF3505/01 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is a lower priced option to the previous model we looked at earlier. Furthermore, for those who prefer music in the mornings, this sunlight alarm clock features an FM radio as an additional option. Furthermore, this can be used as a bedside mood-lighting. Of course, sensitivity to light can vary among individuals, so this allows the user to choose between 10 different light intensities.

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