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Under the hood, the Zoom (SM-C101) is far more similar to the GS4 Mini than Samsung’s full-fledged flagship. Suggest also cut down on screen taps — without physical buttons and dials, you’ll be spending far too much time navigating menus as it is, so in this case, automation is indeed welcome. Actually, the competition that BetGeorge is participating in — ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight 2014 — is far from over, but I’m willing to bet that after watching his incredible light show, “Star Wars” fans everywhere will agree that the force is with BetGeorge. In Smart mode, you can select from Macro, Food, Indoor, Action Freeze, Rich Tone, Panorama, Waterfall, Animated Photo, Drama, Eraser, Sound & Shot, Silhouette, Sunset, Night, Fireworks, Light Trace, Smart Mode Suggest, Beauty Face, Best Photo, Continuous Shot, Best Face, Kids Shot, Landscape, Dawn and Snow presets — 26 in all. Making tweaks to aperture and shutter speed between shots is moderately arduous — you’ll need to either jump back into the mode menu or tap the on-screen aperture, shutter speed or ISO readout and slide to adjust. Speaker quality: We want to find a projector that sounds good enough that you won’t need an external speaker in order to enjoy whatever you’re watching.

To use those features, you need to capture your image using the native app, and then share it through Instagram, rather than shooting and sharing all at once. Alternatively, you can turn the dial to select a mode, and then tap the screen to launch the shooting mode. By default, the Zoom is configured to be a phone first, and then a camera. But it’s still pocketable, believe it or not, and it functions quite well as a phone. Still, it fits in a jeans pocket, and it’s comfortable to hold both as a phone and as a camera. While the Galaxy Camera was first and foremost a camera, the Zoom’s primary function is as an ordinary Android smartphone — albeit one with a larger sensor and a powerful lens. One can also enjoy a fabulous Iftar buffet priced at AED 90 at the Promenade restaurant. It not only can be plugged in to use, but also works wirelessly which enables you to break the limit of outlet or short wire while decorating. Finally, a rotating ring installed around the lens serves as a zoom trigger in shooting mode and enables other camera-related functions as well, which we’ll cover a bit more later on.

The PT-AE8000U comes equipped with a new 220W Red Rich Lamp for increased red intensity and a 2,400 lumens brightness rating, which enables the projector to produce bright images and deliver stunning color reproduction. The f/3.1-6.3, 24-240mm, 10x optical zoom isn’t particularly fantastic for low-light shooting, but if you’re used to snapping images on a standard smartphone, the optics here should be more than adequate. It was eventually determined that the linear objects were actually the stretched images of the distant galaxy. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro are slightly superior to the new, slightly more affordable Galaxy Buds 2 — at least when it comes to sound, noise-canceling performance and water-resistance (they’re fully waterproof). On the imaging front, there’s a 1/2.33-inch, 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor — the chip is large for a phone, but on the smaller side when it comes to cameras.

But with a sensor type that you’ll often find in low-end point-and-shoots, and ordinary optics, the Zoom doesn’t stand a chance against purebred opponents like the Sony RX100 or Canon S110 — pricey dedicated shooters that pack tremendous imaging punch, but without the connected features offered here. The Zoom adopts the GS4’s plasticky design, so right off the bat it doesn’t feel like a premium device. 1. Unique design, imitating the concave and convex shape of the lunar surface, high quality 3D material, degradable, good light transmission, more energy-saving and environmental protection. Using candle lights can create a glimmer in your garden such that there is not too much light and still the objects in your garden keep radiating. The good news is that there are quite a few native options for assistive shooting, all built into the app. For the last few years, tech-savvy homeowners have created some amazing projection displays.

For 2021, he’s created two. You can check out the five-minute-long light show in the video at the top of this post. ✏️ Design: Designed with top of the range LED patented technology, in London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧. On the right side of the device (top side in camera mode), there’s a narrow power button up top, a volume rocker below and a shutter release button towards the bottom, positioned just beside the handgrip. That latter pick allows for the most control overall, as you’re able to select both aperture and shutter speed, as well as ISO, white balance, metering and drive mode. • Bonadeo Farms, 1215 White Lake Road, Highland Twp. The white sandy coastlines and incredible weather are not merely what this area can supply; it also has old caves and other buildings with deep historical background. You can use the BlissLights Stargazer Bundle for especially immersive indoor star lighting. With so many choices available, the notion that the phase-out of incandescents is taking warm, cozy lighting with it is a complete myth at this point. For a detailed look at those features, check out our Galaxy S 4 review. At the same time, the presence of VGA/USB/HDMI/AV/SD/Audio Out ports makes it possible to connect to PCs, monitors, game consoles, and DVD players.

The same applies to countless other tools. Different star projector segments offer different projections and some project stars, Northern lights while others project animals or trees. There also are lighted candy canes, Christmas trees and eight spotlights to complete BetGeorge’s holiday display. There are microphones installed on both the left side and the right in camera mode, but that second mic is positioned in such a way that it’s blocked by your hand if you’re holding the device by the grip. Generally, though, you’ll want to do all of your capturing within the native camera app, as there’s really no other match for the level of control you can access there. We found Smart Mode Suggest to be the most useful, given that the camera can recommend several options based on the current scene. The default mode is Auto, with adjustments limited to flash mode (auto, on and off) and other basics like resolution (16MP 4:3, 14MP 3:2, 12MP 16:9 and 10MP 3:2) and movie capture (1080p30, 720p60, 720p30 and VGA).

It doesn’t look like Himalayan crystal trend isn’t going away any time soon, with fans of the salt lamps saying they help crate a relaxing and soothing atmosphere and even act as a natural air purifier. It’s significantly thicker than any current smartphone, and even most point-and-shoot cameras. If your current smartphone has a 5-inch or larger touchscreen, the Zoom’s panel is likely to be a bit of a letdown. The cumbersome compact, with its massive 21x lens and power-hungry 4.8-inch touchscreen, may not have won over the photography community, but Samsung’s 2013 approach has a much better chance at success. But it seems they have some stiff competition in the Halloween display department. It looks all right given the relatively small 4.3-inch panel size, moon light lamp but we would have preferred to see a higher-res display on such a photo-centric device.

This incredible space, with five floors of movie memorabilia, is creatively used to display a fabulous collection boasting 7,000 films, 150,000 posters, 140,000 photographic documents, and a stunning pre-cinema collection. As well as all the great slasher movie icons. Take a trip almost any place in Los Angeles and it’s apparent that you are in the heart of movie land. Take Instagram, for example. How long did it take you to create? The best place to find a deco lamp would be either an antique/vintage store, eBay or Amazon. These light bulbs are compatible (or soon will be) with many of the options for turning an entire home into a smart home including usage with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. It is in these regions, the light from the sun and the moon reflects against the ice crystals, producing varied coloured light columns. Water ice is less dense than nitrogen-dominated ice which led scientists to conclude that the water ice hills were floating in a sea of frozen nitrogen. The globe lamps lights are finished with an authentic-looking surface, accented by clear principles that really a feeling of floating and space.

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