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Most standard models offer a light range of up to 30 minutes. On balance though, we’re still big fans of this wakeup light – and there’s a 45-day trial that you can use to make sure you love it. Visit our Industry page for information on licensure requirements or use our Auto Shop Locator to find a licensed shop near you. Follow our advice to ensure you find a model that suits your requirements. Despite being almost half the price of many other models on our list, this model still offers many of the perks associated with a quality wake up light. The Philips Somneo emits a LOT of blue light at night which interferes with your sleep (check out our measurements below)! When you turn the Somneo fully on, the light from the lamp is reasonably bright and dominated by light from the 2700K warm-white LEDs – unfortunately those warm-white LEDs also emit a LOT of blue light (which studies show interferes with sleep – read more here).

Demi, 27, has said she was at the space to ‘work on a project’ but her latest Instagram snaps show she and Max, 28, had a wonderful time there over the weekend. That means the light will gradually increase over the course of half an hour, until maximum brightness is reached. Retailing at less than £30, this model is by far the most affordable in our round up and is an option worth considering if you want to test out a wake up light without breaking the bank. So, if you don’t want to rely on just light to wake you up, or don’t want to have to set a separate alarm, this is certainly a factor worth considering. If you like a sound alarm, this has lots of different sound options from traditional beeping to white noise and even goats (yes, our favourite). The sleek and futuristic-looking Philips SmartSleep has lots of functions and customisable options to make it work for you. Options include bird song, gentle music and FM radio, depending on your preference. Britt Cornett (silhouetted at left) discusses Chihuly’s “Winter Wonderland,” which was commissioned for a storefront at Barneys New York and flashes in time to music.

Natural light changes color and intensity with the time of day – queues which our bodies rely on for optimum sleep, mood, energy, metabolism and other functions (light synchronizes our circadian rhythms – more on this here). We leave the discussion of the user interface (not easy but acceptably intuitive), audio controls (wake up to the birds), and advanced functions (meditation aid?) to others. Just like the waking function but in reverse, the sunset mode gradually decreases the lighting and sound level to darkness and silence, thus stimulating the user to fall into a naturally restful sleep. One of our favourite things about this light is that you can choose the precise brightness level and colour that suits you. If you’re a heavy – or not particularly light-sensitive – sleeper, you may require something with a higher level of lumens. The lumens of a wake up light refer to how bright it will get. Furthermore, while the light from the Somneo is OK at sunrise, the spectrum is not good for day-time use since it does not offer a stimulating daylight mode.

While it will be visible from parts of America, Dr Tucker said Australians would have one of the best and most convenient viewing times. Lumie started the wake-up light trend, and the Bodyclock is still one of the best models around. Philips has done more than any other company to advance the color-mixing technology which allows lights to change color (for fun or to simulate natural light). The effect is softer and more natural. Or are you more conscious about the aesthetic appeal? There are eight alarm sounds, but, somewhat oddly, no ringing or buzzing sound that many people associate with needing to wake up. While the alarm clock function works well, we were surprised to discover that the Somneo does not provide the natural lighting queues our bodies crave. ‘Human Centric Lighting’ mixes together light from different colored LEDs to recreate the cycles of natural light. As our measurements show, the light from the Somneo lamp is NOT good to use before going to sleep, or healthy to use at night.

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