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Get frivolous by adding highlights and maybe even getting a henna tattoo. Glendon Ave. or other objects like a Navajo dancer, a surfboard, a cactus and even Sears Tower. It is appreciated that the disclosed apparatus, or similar, moderately varied versions thereof, may be used in other applications, including but not limited to control of motors, lighting, assembly line devices, power distribution, and the like. The musical, which features a book and lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton, was a hit when it first treaded the boards – winning 7 Tonys including Best Musical. Referring to the first portion 12, a storage device 18 is provided for storing time data, or schedules, for activating or deactivating a dimming device for the lights to be controlled. A first portion, identified by reference numeral 12, includes therein the various timekeeping devices, storage devices, comparison and logic circuitry, and activating circuitry for the dimming device. The decoded present time data, provided on output lines 28 of decoding circuit 26, is compared with the stored schedule data from storage device 18, provided on output lines 30 thereof.

On the other hand, when logic device 36 determines that the transition of comparator 32 occurs during a PM interval, the output signal provided thereby is used to cause activating circuit 38 to activate the dimmer, thereby reducing the light intensity during the evening and night hours, and providing the desired saving in energy dissipated by the controlled traffic light. However, be aware that choosing a color temperature far to the right side of the slider will cause Windows 10 to not filter much blue light at all, reducing Night Light’s effectiveness. In accordance with the present invention, an apparatus is shown for reducing the voltage applied to traffic signal lights during nightime operating hours to effect substantial savings in energy consumption thereby. There is no provision made in the prior art, however, for control of power consuming electrical apparatus in a reliable manner, in which electrical power supplied to the apparatus is automatically altered as a function of daylight times yet independently of actual light measurement. Yet another object of the invention is the provision of a daylight controlled, yet light independent, device for dimming traffic lights, in which light sensitive control devices are not required.

The time output data on lines 22 is provided in seven-segment format, for display on seven-segment display devices. A display means is provided for the electronic data used in the control circuit, and more specifically for the present time, the contents of the day counter, and the contents of the week counter. Finally, a third portion, identified by reference numeral 16, includes a display apparatus, receiving the output of the multiplexing arrangement and of the clock mechanism for display, and a control means therefor. A second portion, identified by reference numeral 14, includes the day and weeks counters used in the invention, as well as a multiplexing arrangement for the outputs thereof. During the course of construction for Work 32, the Owner discovered an old well on the property. They’re as associated with Old Hollywood as orgies with the dynasties of Maharajas or debaucheries of silk and scented oil and STDs with the palaces of Caesar. However, such controls are known to suffer from a disadvantage of reliance on light conditions, so that the apparatus may be turned on during daylight hours, for example, as a result of cloudy atmospheric conditions.

On sunny days the light will be harsher. When will it be dark? Yes, there will be some limitations. In hindsight, it would probably have been better to do this during the week as there would have been more office lights on in the building. It is a more specific object of the invention to provide a light dimmer for traffic lights, operative to dim such lights during the hours between sunset and sunrise. If you prefer, you can manually schedule Night Light hours instead. These are multi-faceted, however, and can easily find a spot in your home environment to add a splash of color or light up a park picnic as easily as a campsite. We used the UV projector to saturate each pixel only to the saturation level needed, and then used the visible light projector to desaturate each color channel in the pixel until the final target color was achieved. Blackbirds then perform exactly one hour before sunrise, with chiffchaffs following 30 minutes later. The foregoing and other objects, features and advantages of the invention will become more readily apparent upon reference to the following detailed description of the preferred embodiment, when taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing in which like numbers refer to like parts.

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