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When it was time to get back on the ferry, I made sure to sit at the very back and take a few more fleeting photos of American history. If you do need a quick product recommendation instead and one that will work best for backyard movie nights, then I would suggest you take a look at the BenQ HT2050. One of the more interesting exhibits was the conning tower from the USS Parche; you could climb inside, look at all the little buttons and gauges, all while trying to ignore the thick, oily stench. So we are now back to being a little bit cautious of the Aussie critters after becoming a bit complacent! Getting there was a little tricky, though. Getting there involved a drive past most of Honolulu, stopping at a farmer’s market (paltry compared to that of Hilo), stumbling across the local Safeway, and wandering around a few residential streets. Hunks of rusted metal jutted a few feet above the waterline, a stark contrast to the otherwise gorgeous scenery. I took a few exterior shots of the USS Bowfin, as well as a torpedoes, propellers, an antiaircraft assembly, and other artifacts. Since part of the Pearl Harbor tour includes a boat ride out to the USS Arizona Memorial, the weather could make or break the trip.

It’s common understanding that when you go to Oahu, you visit Pearl Harbor. Despite its historical significance, Iolani Palace was far less crowded than Pearl Harbor. The staff turns on a short film that gives an abridged version of the events leading up to and the attack on Pearl Harbor itself. After stocking up on souvenirs and some free guidebooks, we left Pearl Harbor and headed for downtown Honolulu. Its character is best assessed by playing music through it – bass drops away below around 110Hz, treble above about 14kHz, stereo was fully separated side to side though with some bleed through the cabinet, and the bass push via DSP left music rather muddy, if never offensive, and entirely avoiding any treble shriek which could become genuinely unpleasant. Like on most parts of Hawaii, weather is inconsistent at best. It’s like visiting the Statue of Liberty in New York, Alcatraz in San Francisco, etc. It’s what you do. Its building materials were mostly imported: slate from Pennsylvania, wood from the Pacific Northwest, and metalwork and engraved glass windows from San Francisco.

The process to bring Chihuly’s glass art to the museum in Bentonville started in 2013, when the artist first walked the museum and the grounds. Our first stop was Manoa Falls, the highest waterfall on Oahu. Manoa Falls itself was rather underwhelming; yes, it was tall and had a pool at its base, but that’s a far cry from the majestic scale of Akaka Falls and other natural wonders of the Big Island. It was worth the effort, though; the Manoa Falls Trail is absolutely brimming with beautiful scenery. We nearly turned back due to the rainy weather, then realized how pointless that would’ve been; the trail to the falls is a 1.5-mile trek through the rainforest. Easy usage, just plug in the USB cable, and then press the switch. When enabled, this feature will turn the plug on/off at random, creating the illusion that someone is home. Often in home automation one has certain rules they want to run at certain times or have the home automation exhibit different behaviors for different times of day. Black screen again! It stopped at the 5 minute mark, which was exactly where it stopped on the first one. He’d buy him five old cars first.

In the featured scene, director Cecil B. DeMille (playing himself) is telling his assistant to contact studio executive Gordon Cole and tell him to no longer call Norma Desmond (Swanson), who is under the mistaken impression Cole is trying to buy the script she has written with Joe Gillis (Holden). Norma Desmond is Gloria Swanson’s only claim to glory – outside silent cinema anyway. While he must have made quite an impression with the outside world, his success didn’t last. As we saw already in the previous activity, as the Earth turns, Polaris does not appear to move, while the other stars appear to move around Polaris. The palace used to be lit by gas chandeliers, until King Kalakaua met Thomas Edison and saw electrical lights in Paris. I saw able-bodied people of all ages – including small children – slip and slide multiple times, and I managed to utterly wreck my cargo pants along the way. It’s a nice, brief piece of educational programming (I’m fairly certain it was narrated by Oprah), especially for children or people not well-versed in 20th century history. The place was packed, of course; people come from all over the world to see these remnants of the old war.

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