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It may mean having to go out with your camera at times when you’d rather be curled up in bed, but it’s worth the sacrifice. Number the marks and keep track of the times of the observations in a notebook. At the end of the day, label the compass directions on the dome, date it, and keep the dome for comparison with later observations. I keep a small spray bottle with water and mist the acrylics as they start to dry. A jar of water hangs on the outside of the box keeping it free of the mixing area. These systems are also known to have been coupled with outdoor wood burning systems which are also used to heat homes along with water which further decrease usage of carbon based fuel generated energies. We are more than happy to help you out with everything you need! Cut out the gnomon from this pattern.

Moscow The next scene that will be looked at is directly after Norma invites Joe to stay so he can help her finish her script; basically this is where he finds out where he is going to be staying in the house and his first look at her strange and lost lifestyle. For this activity, an outside spot must be picked which will not be shaded at any time during the day. I worked from background to foreground blocking in shapes, so by the time I finished blocking in the bird feeder the background was already dry and I was able to adjust the values and modeling of each shape without worrying about lifting the first layer of paint. In response to the treatment of his film Welles wrote very a detailed 58 page memo to Universal outlining the problems with the cuts they had made and the reason why he made the first choices for the film.

Abby met Damon for the first time since he turned her into a vampire in this episode. At midday? Activity 1-6: Building and Using a Sundial This activity is most appropriate for grades 4-6. A sundial is a device to measure time by the sun. Activity 1-5: Tracking the Sun’s Path in the Sky This activity can be done with the entire class and one large plastic dome or by groups of students with their own domes. New ideas to be understood include: – Analysis of the shadows cast by the Sun yields information about its path in the sky. When you made the shadow stick measurements, you may have noticed that shadows separated by equal time intervals were rarely separated by the same distance. The position of the dot, then, would have to be the same as the Sun’s apparent position in the sky. To do this, we mark the position on a clear dome which casts a shadow at the same central spot. Place a clear plastic dome or a large kitchen strainer on a sheet of oaktag and trace the outline of the dome on the oaktag. 2. Having carefully selected an unshaded spot for the observations, place the oaktag on level ground or asphalt.

You can either hide the sun behind the subject or have the sun visible, as a bright spot or a sunstar, in the photograph. Discussion: What sort of path does the Sun follow in the sky? How does the Sun appear to move across the sky? The center can be found by drawing two intersecting lines across the widest part of the circle, like – 3.) The dome represents the sky to your horizon, the center mark represents your position on the ground. Manual zoom and vertical only keystone adjustment can make it difficult to center images. Remove the dome and mark the center of the circle just traced. Replace the dome on the oaktag outline aligning the marks on the dome and the oaktag. Trace the outline of the oaktag on the ground, so that its position can also be verified before each observation. Draw a mark on the edge of the dome and on the oaktag, so the alignment of the dome and oaktag can be checked before each observation.

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