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Although we didn’t have time during our stay, visitors can get a fossicking licence and a fossicking mud map from the Visitor Information Centre at Cloncurry Unearthed in McIlwraith Street (Flinders Highway). Getting There. The quickest way to Cloncurry is by plane with flights out of Brisbane taking about two and a half hours. If you look in your camera’s manual, there’s probably a way of doing this automatically. The project was a great way to spend an otherwise socially distanced summer during the COVID pandemic. The great landscape photographer and artist Ansel Adams once said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” If you ever wondered what the difference was between summer snapshots of a beautiful beach and postcard-perfect photos of the same beach, it is best summed up by this photography quote. Copper was discovered here by Ernest Henry in the 1860s and gave rise to the Great Australia Mine, located 2kms south of the town.

Today there are a number of mines in the area including Mount Colin Mine, Mount Frosty Mine and Ernest Henry Mining, which is a copper, gold mining and processing operation, 38kms from town. I looked down one of the side streets where I could see a slag heap from the copper mines. I looked at their setup and it seems good. SITUATION: Firefighters and aircraft have made good progress in slowing the spread of the fire. Those who have purchased the popular lamp have taken creative Instagram-worthy photos in front of the spectacular light. Please note that we have a MAXIMUM GUEST OCCUPANCY OF 8 total. Owners will NOT reply to inquiries without complete guest information (including number of adults and children) and complete contact information including email and phone number. If you place an off-camera flash behind the couple and use a fast shutter speed, those raindrops will sparkle. When the sun has risen even higher in the sky, you can now place people in your photo. Large numbers of black-breasted kite feed of each carcass, but my attempts to take a good photo before they flew off were not successful. Perhaps one of the features your family will likely enjoy most is the extra large lakeside porch with beautiful lake views.

We are NOT available for large group events, graduations, parties, retreats, reunions, weddings, etc. We are strictly a family rental property. HOLIDAY RATES APPLY TO MEMORIAL, INDEPENDENCE & LABOR DAY WEEKS Come away to a peaceful, casual family lake retreat. You will enjoy expansive lake views from almost every room in the house. The home is centrally located on Lake Martin, a quick boat ride to Chimney Rock or Children’s Harbor area. Hop online and do a quick search for sunrise/sunset times, or if you want to be really precise about it, download a smartphone app (such as The Photographer’s Ephemeris) that can not only tell you sunrise/sunset times but also calculate exactly where the sun will be on the horizon based on your location. I went to get my purse, the door was locked, and a very considerate lady asked me who I was, let me in, and said we keep this room locked because we know there are valuables here and want to be sure they’re safe. You would not believe where he went in his ute; it would put many a modern 4WD to shame. Put all devices on pause.

As well as working well a wakeup and wind-down lamp, it also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, a desk lamp or even a mood light – ideal for people who don’t want dozens of devices on their bedside table. Founded by veterans of Cisco’s consumer networking business, Greenwave has spent the past few years developing products intended for distribution by European utilities, and it’s now rolling out its Connected Lighting Solution for homeowners in the EU with certification for the US market as well. His firm is also designing the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, a museum dedicated to ‘visual storytelling in its richness and complexity’ and founded by Star Wars director George Lucas. The lower level of the museum is dedicated to Alfred Traeger and his invention, the pedal radio. After lunch, we wandered through the Cloncurry Unearthed (Mary Kathleen) Museum. 6. Cloncurry Unearthed (Mary Kathleen) Museum. Where to Stay. We stayed in a cabin at the Cloncurry Caravan Park. Switch off that porch light, install sensor lights, remove decorative lights from trees, balconies and other outdoor settings – and keep street and park lights directed to the ground or shielded where possible. The app works in your house or anywhere in the world, letting you turn on and off lights when you’re on the road.

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