Incredible sunrise sunset lamp

Moreover, it is understood that where other devices are to be controlled by the present invention, the times for activating and deactivating the power reduction device need not have any relationship with times for sunrise or sunset. However, for simplicity and consistency in language herein, the terms sunrise and sunset continue to be used to indicate the stored times in storage device 18 for deactivating and activating the power reduction device. The data stored in storage device 18 thus need not include any control data (i.e., “activate” or “deactivate”) information, but need only include comparison times representative of sunrise and sunset, for example. Four of the strobes are used to excite the four-digit, seven segment display of FIG. 4 and for latching digit information into decoding circuit 26, formed of four seven-segment to BCD decoders of the type 74C915. A fifth strobe is used as a system trigger for proper timing of comparison and control functions.

The day counter is responsive to generation of a transition between a PM signal and an AM signal, and itself is used to trigger the week counter. Accumulation of a count of seven days in day counter 44 is used to cause weeks counter 46 to increment its count by one. In the present preferred embodiment, second portion 14 is seen to include a day counter 44 and a weeks counter 46, the output of the weeks counter being used to address storage device 18 at its address inputs 48. The day counter is triggered by detection of transition of AM/PM circuit 40 to an AM output. Referring now to FIG. 1, the present embodiment of the invention is generally shown at 10. As seen therein, the invention is comprised of three basic portions. Referring now to FIGS. Referring to the first portion 12, a storage device 18 is provided for storing time data, or schedules, for activating or deactivating a dimming device for the lights to be controlled. We first projected the pattern with visible light on a partially-activated sample. So I finally made it back to 100086 Sunset Blvd this afternoon for my second visit (first being in February during previews).

It is appreciated that actual dimming and brightening times for the controlled traffic light devices need not coincide with sunset and sunrise. In accordance with the present invention, an apparatus is shown for reducing the voltage applied to traffic signal lights during nightime operating hours to effect substantial savings in energy consumption thereby. Whether the time period during which the stored schedule may be considered to remain substantially constant is a week or any other period, however, apparatus is provided for counting such periods, in order to address the particular data in storage corresponding to the particular present period. These control times may, in fact, provide for dimming the lights a particular time increment after sunset, and may provide for brightening the lights a similar time increment prior to sunrise. For the specific preferred embodiment, wherein traffic control lights are dimmed during the night-time hours, it is known that sunrise and sunset times vary relatively slowly, and that for predetermined periods of time they may be considered to be relatively constant. The electronic device of the present invention is used for conserving electrical energy by dimming traffic lights in accordance with a predetermined schedule, determined by sunrise and sunset times for the location of the traffic lights.

On the other hand, when logic device 36 determines that the transition of comparator 32 occurs during a PM interval, the output signal provided thereby is used to cause activating circuit 38 to activate the dimmer, thereby reducing the light intensity during the evening and night hours, and providing the desired saving in energy dissipated by the controlled traffic light. Logic device 36, determining that comparator 32 has undergone a transition during an AM interval, thus provides an output to activating circuit 38 indicating that the dimmer should be deactivated, in order to provide full lighting intensity during daytime. The appropriate comparison time is thus obtained by a combined address, formed of the week number and an indication of AM or PM time segment, compared with present time in comparator 32, and appropriate action taken by logic device 36 in accordance with the AM or PM status. The present invention accordingly provides an electronic control circuit, including a storage device for a schedule of control times for an entire year, in which a comparison of the present time and stored time for a particular day is performed and evaluated in accordance with a determination of whether the present time is AM or PM.

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