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Horizontal shot of hills in different shades of blue and the cloudy evening sky The shelf comes with a plastic greenhouse covering to keep bugs out of your herbs and maintain consistent humidity to foster plant growth even during the season change. These reflection causes the temperature of the earth to change and may range between 5000 to 6000 Kelvin depending on the amount of clouds in the sky, which can also block the sunlight and the time of day. Take as many pictures as you can during the session and vary your focal length. This one is especially sweet, but make sure to take a look at the other decorative outdoor pillows on Kirkland’s site, as well as throw blankets and other outdoor decor to make your outdoor space an extension of your home. Easy to add to any backyard setup for an element of comfort, this throw pillow is great for any of the seating listed above. She’ll never want to leave the house again after receiving this snuggly ‘Pillow Talker’ robe, complete with pockets and a hood, by Wildfox. She doesn’t want to hear any more. The swing is made of premium solid wood that comes sanded already, should you want to paint it, or leave it bare to showcase the natural materials.

The set also comes with a 100-inch projector screen to make the movie magic happen. The crowd-favorite game of cornhole just got cooler and easier to play in small spaces with this set from Wayfair. Then, add the glow sticks to the bean bags and you’re set up for a great night of competitive cornhole. Bring the tropical vacation to your own backyard with a set of tiki torches from Lumens. Turn your seemingly small backyard into a movie theatre with the big screen, with some help from Amazon. Zughair said, sitting with his wife in their small home above the business. The WiFi mini projector set works with your home network and can sync up to your smartphone to play your favorite movies and shows. You can do that manually too, but the app makes it a lot easier. I had a lot more success keeping the screen folded up and just unfurling it each time I wanted to watch a movie. They are easy to install and can be lit with citronella or lamp fuel, perfect for keeping bugs at bay and providing light on late nights. It can be found in my American Landscape Vistas collection, along with my Sunset Vistas collection.

Get some pleasing privacy on your deck or patio with a practical and stylish screen from The Lakeside Collection. Funny how gentle people get with you once you’re dead. I went to work on a project but it was so nice to get away for a couple days.. The couple even have their own travel show called ‘On the Road’ to document their journeys to some of the most dangerous parts of the world, ranging from Chernobyl to Somalia. The set comes with the hammock itself, and also a stand and case, should you not have two trees perfectly spaced apart. The frame is made of a heavy-duty steel meant to last through the seasons and whatever weather comes along with them. Sold on Best Choice Products’ site, the table is made with an aluminum frame that resists rust and is sturdy enough to stand up to 110 pounds. This portable bar table is a perfect way to bring the bar to your backyard, in a safe way, of course. The best part is the storage rack under the table that can hold wine, food trays and anything else you’d need for the perfect outdoor dining experience. They are also fully waterproof and can be left up as long as you please, through April showers and all.

Abstract green gradient background vector with branch shadow String them along the fence, over the patio or really wherever you please, as they are easy to hang and rearrange. Also, the matte black color is super trendy and will match any patio setup. The netting is easy to install and also comes in many colors including green, black, brown and blue to match any outdoor decor. The wicker planter will match your other patio furniture and is made for all types of weather so it won’t get ruined if left out during a spring or summer storm. The screen’s 15-feet of polyethylene netting is only $10, so get as much as you need for your deck, fence or anywhere else that you need a little privacy. Get out the weenies and s’mores, because this fire pit is fit for a night under the stars. It’s hard to believe this fire pit set from Walmart is only $35. Look for a shady area, or if it’s later in the day, a spot that’s backlit by the sun.

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