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Its a bit trickier for me as I don’t live in Coffin Bay like most of their volunteers who would go about their daily business out there, but wear a pager. Audiences don’t know somebody sits down and writes a picture; they think the actors make it up as they go along. So while better light bulbs or a repositioned lamp won’t solve everything, it’s a great year to reassess the way your home is lit-and possibly make some changes. I also speak nationally on native plants, sustainable design, and landscape ethics while hosting online classes. 17 If you are having beach sessions made while on vacation, try to schedule them toward the beginning of your vacation. Our friend Beth has just had her 60th birthday and we were invited to her Arabian themed party, so I decided to try and make her something bespoke for the occasion and I wood turned a handle for an oyster shucker. For example, rather than composing a sunrise or sunset photo so that the horizon cuts across the middle of the image, try taking the picture with the horizon at the bottom or top third. A sunrise or sunset ceiling mural is perfect to combat feelings of fear or stress.

All Southbound traffic will be diverted to 101 and Easbound/Westbound from 101 closed to Southbound 405. As for Nortbound traffic the offramps at Sepulveda Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, Moraga Drive, Getty Center Drive, Skirball Center Drive and Mulholland Drive will be closed. Ideally they would like you to do 40 hours a month but will see how it goes. It will take me a year or so to do all the training to get to the highest level of volunteer but I can already crew an ambulance and did my first shift at CB with another volunteer last week. Usually, your office is one of the places where you spend most of your time throughout the year. Port Lincoln has a full time ambulance station with paid paramedics (our special friends Toni and Mel being two of them) but outside PL as little distance as 40km away at Coffin Bay and Tumby Bay, South Australia Ambulance Service (SAAS) rely totally on volunteer staff crewing up their ambulances. I have to specifically spend the day/night out there and hang around the ambo station but its something I really wanted to do so I am happy to work around that aspect. Now we’re not quite as busy on the block (Most of the landscaping/planting/rockwalls are done) we have more time for hobbies, hence Tina’s photography.

Scrappy is VERY deaf now and her sight is bad but she is still SO happy all the time. Its not bad though, it took six years for our first spider/ant bites. I couldn’t see anything and just got on with the kayak and caught a squid straight away which took my mind off it. I got what we now think was a spider bite on my birthday though! We (me and Tina) worked over Easter but our days off fell perfectly for my my birthday straight after and we went camping to a new spot I discovered about 40 minutes up the road, called Second Creek. In particular, hours fell strongly during the years surrounding World War I, so that by 1919 the eight-hour day (with six workdays per week) had been won. Australia and in particular, South Australia rely heavily on volunteers in country locations which is what we are considered here on the Eyre Peninsula. While this idea might be pretty new, technology at play here is anything but. Really, von Stroheim’s real life more closely parallels Norma’s than Swanson’s when his directing career was basically destroyed in the silent era and he had to scrape by, turning to acting to make ends meet, not only here but with Wilder as Rommel in Five Graves to Cairo and for Jean Renoir in the remarkable Grand Illusion.

I had planned to be riding a camel but when I went to buy the bits to make the outfit, there were no camel related accessories but loads of unicorn stuff. As I’m starting my training completely from scratch again, I have had to attend various weekends and evenings training out at CB and the guy that coordinates the training, Chris, is a top bloke and often meets me separately from the others and goes through stuff quickly, knowing I have previous experience. It was sore all evening but when I woke up the next morning I had a really strange head ache (not a hangover, I’ve had plenty of those and know what they feel like) I had looked forward to the trip for so long so just carried on snorkelling and stuff but had to take it a bit easy. What isn’t small, though, is the sound and quality, as the little speaker is plenty loud, has a six-hour battery life and is also water resistant should your party get rained on for a bit.

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