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Ria Jones was terrific, her scenes and songs were perfect – emotional and funny – and the audience warms to her character as soon as she finishes her first solo. The final scene with Norma, who has found her spotlight at last (although perhaps not how you might have imagined…) ended with an audience standing ovation. Joe tells Norma, “unless you are trying to be 25.” Around then, Betty shows up, understandably confused, and Joe is purposely cruel but he makes no bones about how he’s been making ends meet as Norma’s gigolo. Joe walks in on one of these calls and grabs the phone from Desmond and tells Betty to come on over. DeMille tells him, also ordering him to tell Cole to leave her alone. One of the film’s most touching sequences is when Norma returns to Paramount to see DeMille, assuming all those calls from Gordon Cole concerned her script, unaware that Cole merely sought to rent her classic car for a film. The one cameo that got filmed but ended up on the cutting room floor was that of noted columnist Sidney Skolsky at Schwab’s when Joe mentions the place as a pseudo-headquarters for people circulating in the business.

Sunset Boulevard was submitted for approval only a few pages at a time and one wonders if it’s because Wilder didn’t know where it was going or that he didn’t want the producers to know; filming began before it was fully written. That being said, it was a great watch with a constantly moving stage set and a few projectors giving us snippets of old silent movies and newspaper headlines. Throughout most of his filmography, as good or great as much of it is, there aren’t a lot of what you might label “showy directorial touches,” but there are quite a few present in Sunset Blvd., from the simple but odd choice of beginning an entry to the mansion from the point-of-view of Max’s gloved hands playing the organ to many overhead shots and lots more movement than you see in most of the Wilder film canon. Of course, Wilder did have such a good reputation with his studio (Paramount) that they actually allowed him to use it as the studio in the movie, with the real lot and the real gates, despite the darkness and any possible negatives it might inadvertently toss its way.

This effort did not come to fruition due to an economic crisis in the late 1880s. By 1900, a group headed by Burton E. Green was drilling for oil on the land, and while the company did not strike oil, it did find enough water for real estate subdivision and cityhood to take place. Max does learn of the real reason for the calls, but he keeps quiet as well. Danny mac was brilliant as Gillis and Adam Pearce, playing Max Von Meyerling (Norma’s Butler) was perfectly charming and a bit creepy at the same time! If you’re using a dual-band Wi-Fi router that uses the same SSID for both networks, you’ll need to disable the 5GHz network before pairing the bulb, although you can always turn it back on once the pairing process is completed. She was absolutely determined to be ready, ready for those cameras that would never turn. For instance, you send a signal to your router whenever you turn a Hue bulb on using the app. Like the rest of the Hue lineup, the Tap also works with Apple HomeKit, which means that you can use it to trigger HomeKit-compatible gadgets from other brands, too. Any HomeKit-compatible smart lights will work, but be careful with outdoor bulb placement.

Nearly Natural’s travelers palms go up to eight and a half feet tall (see the giant version here) and look very realistic-to the point where guests will ask how often you have to water your plants. DeMille’s efforts to be nice do nothing more than further Norma’s delusions, as she undergoes a strenuous project of getting her body and face back in shape for the cameras in that era’s version of Botox and plastic surgery. The foregoing licenses may be terminated or may expire without renewal, in which case neither the Residential Units nor any part of the Project will be identified as a PENDRY-branded project or a MONTAGE-branded project or have any rights to use the Trademarks. That’s why I have my own personal rule of never considering a movie for my all-time list until it’s at least 10 years old. What’s more, none of these touches look as if he’s showing off; they all feel as if they were exactly the right way to film that moment of the movie. For me, it’s usually just a matter of watching the movie again, jotting down some notes and then writing a piece to reflect why it’s a favorite of mine.

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